It’s been bought to our attention that over the past couple of months there have been sellers advertising Electric Scooters on Ebay and other websites that are completely misleading customers.

It’s very disappointing to see sellers over spec their scooters to mislead customers into purchasing their no brand or own brand scooters.  We have been contacted by several unhappy customers of these companies who said that the scooters go a maximum of 30km/h, have a really poor battery life, have a short range and no backup support.

Here are the simple facts!

-          A 1000 Watt motor is a 1000 Watt Motor. It doesn’t just magically become a 1600 Watt motor.

-          The max range of these types of scooters for 12ah 48v Deep Cycle Lead Acid batteries is 20km. Our lithium range (the only type in Australia go just about double this range). LINK

-          The top speed of these scooters is 45km.  The gearing and motor will only technically make this speed. 

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-          Don’t be fooled by massive discounts or “Special Launch Pricing”. These are over inflated pricing to fool the customer into believing that it’s a “deal of the century” when really you are buying an item that is worth that amount of money.


-          Don’t be fooled by advertising slogans “Unrivalled Deep Cell Technology”. Unrivalled to what??

-          Spare parts – Does the seller stock and sell a complete set of spare parts. Scoota Online stock a complete range of spare parts. Would you really buy a vehicle if you can’t buy spare parts? These are listed on our website LINK

-          Is the seller an Authorised Reseller – go to and choose Australia.

-          Does the seller really know their product? Scoota Online knows what they sell. No question goes unanswered.

-          Use Google……. See if you can find any other countries or sellers selling these types of scooters. See if you can find “TOMAHAWK USA” or “BULLET RPZ1600”. Then Google the world leader - SXT Scooters.


We are not here to tell you not to buy these scooters but just make sure you make an informed decision when choosing your scooter.


Kind Regards

The Team at Scoota Online